Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Welcoming Myself

Dear Friends,

Before I start, I'd like to welcoming myself to this magical blog, So welcome ME :P I'm pretty new with this n have no idea how this thing works. So, bare with me people! :)

I've been hearing people telling me to make a blog for myself for months, and believe me I'm clueless. Help me out People!

I named it Lively Cheeky Little girl because I'm Lively, I'm Cheeky, I'm Little aka petite, and last but not least I'm a Girl, just love to be alive. And I do think its a interesting name, and cute. (if I say just like me, I think somebody's gonna shoot me hihihi)

Wow, I got a feeling I'm gonna like this, this is fun people..., and so far so good yayy, better than twitter.

So, I'm thinking what im gonna share with you all .. hmmm ... most likely about my life, my daily routine, quotes, articles, also gonna post jokes, yes I have lots of jokes, stupid, silly, you name it people, I got them all. and im gonna post gossips, and what else? pictures, etc Lemme worry about that, u guys just enjoy this blog.
I'm pretty excited here yayy ... Finally, got myself a new hobby :)

So, for a start let us shout n scream out of our lungs saying "Go Cheeky Girl" hahahaha .... 1 2 3 .... yayayyyyyyyy ........

I hope this blog would bless us in any ways ... couldn't wait to start ASAP ..... Love u people!


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